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Management is no exact science and not so much about Leadership

Despite the fact that results are created by the teams we lead, it seems that we are all too focused on Management. A Google search provides 2.7 billion hits on Management, 565 million hits on Leadership, which is close to Physics and Mathematics. This means that Management hits are 5 times more than Leadership, which only counts 17% of all hits on Management and Leadership.




No wonder that we as leaders often are challenged striking the right balance between Management and Leadership, i.e. to lead more and execute plans efficiently.

Top performance by combining two different leader roles

In a business world of tough demands for growth and change most leaders experience challenges structuring the right plan, creating engagement and commitment, gradually realizing that results are not achieved on time.

Have you ever reflected on why even the best plan may fail, while the 2nd best plan can succeed with involving and value-adding leadership? This means “achieving more together“ by striking the right balance and coherence between two very different leader roles:

The management role, which is about “what”, i.e. cool numbers and facts vis-a-vis target setting, planning and control.

The leadership role, which is about ”how”, i.e. people and emotions vis-a-vis execution by organizations and teams.








It is not an easy task, when managers often are squeezed by the hard facts around KPI management. It requires a balanced mindset from those setting the agenda for management. It must be a task for the board of directors to create room for unfolding good leadership in a busy operational everyday life.My practical experience tells me, that the ability to execute the optimal balance between the "whats" of management and the "hows" of leadership, supported by a credible and compelling "why", makes it possible to accelerate major change and deliver top results - main reason being that an involving and holistic approach creates meaningful jobs for all.

Mads Middelboe

Executive Advisor & CEO

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