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This is how Leadmore® creates value


If you need support

Professional board or
advisory board

Strategy and execution

Mergers & acquisitions

Sales excellence

Partnerships and

Private equity journey

Exit or generational change




Why Leadmore®

Faster and better results


Sustainable compe­­­tence uplift

Low risk of resistance to change

Right things are done the right way


More value for money

Creates management and leadership balance

Helps you create the good plan about “what” to be prioritized and opted out of

Helps you on “how” to bring the good plan to life with the right teams

Brings valuable know-how at eye-level

Brings 35 years of practical leadership insight at eye-level from large corporates, private equity and owner-led SME:s

Provides constructive sparring, also as the “devil’s advocate”, and helps you develop your managers and employees

Creates both direction, room for manoeuvre and results

Helps you to set clear, ambitious, yet realistic result demands

Helps you to create shared purpose, vision, direction, room for manoeuvre, engagement and commitment

Creates and executes development initiatives

Uses experience based “cookbooks” and combine them with your own knowledge,
data and experience

Facilitates development processes in teams combined with personal coaching and mentoring

Practical and tailor-made with ”pay as you go”

Fast at reading the situation and tailor co-creation with “pay as you go” and no upfront commitment in large project cost

Focuses on both your low hanging fruits and long-term results, always with sustainable gains in mind

Selected results

Have helped 50+ Danish and Nordic B2C and B2B customers, e.g. Telecom, IT, manufacturing, Food and Non-food FMCG.
Result turnaround in family-owned food group via new branding, 360 degree restructuring and innovation.
Maximized exit values in private equity-owned mobile-, software- and packaging companies.
Growth strategy in owner led food company based on UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.
Mergers in mobile and food companies across Nordic competitors and company cultures.
Tripling revenue and profit in owner led software company for the public sector.