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Should you also try an IDDAS & Leadmore® maturity exercise?


The benefit comes with the owner-manager's courage to be measured and weighed, and not least the willingness to exploit the improvement opportunities identified by the maturity index - this is evidenced by 3 practical Leadmore® cases.

"The process with IDDAS and Leadmore® was an eye-opener and gives the executive board and the board a new opportunity to prioritize areas of action."
André Radley Grundahl, CEO, Alpha Elektronik A/S
"The IDDAS maturity tool provided a good overall overview of the areas of the company where processes and systems can be developed and better documented."
Anders Aistrup, CEO, Jørgen Windelev A/S
"IDDAS' maturity process was a valuable eye-opener for us, and the tool has contributed to the owner-management's shared picture of the company's current maturity level. The process has helped to ensure a necessary prioritization of the most value-creating improvement efforts and contributed to a concrete action plan to raise the ability to implement our growth plans for the coming years".
Kenneth Codam, CEO, CatMan Solution A/S

Maturity exercise

The exercise is based on IDDAS' SME maturity tool, which provides a status report - a due diligence that shows the company's maturity based on the ISO 17029 standard. A value-creating tool - both as a prelude to a strategy process, a sales process, attracting new capital or maturing for a later sale at a higher value.

The exercise therefore creates completely new reflections as the basis for a fact-based dialogue in the management group. The tool allows for a flexible online assessment of the way the company works with management and leadership - in other words, it is about the company's maturity and the ability to implement the good plans.

With an SME maturity exercise, you get precise insight into where you, as owner-manager and board of directors, must improve to raise the maturity score. You also get detailed insight into where the company stands in relation to how buyers, investors and banks value your company.

Read more about maturity exercise and IDDAS maturity index.

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