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Leadmore ® now offers The SME tool together with IDDAS

I am happy to share that I have graduated as an Authorized Associate in IDDAS and Verifier for The SMETOOL and maturity scoring based on the ISO 17029 standard. Through our newly developed online tool, we give you an accurate insight into your company's challenges and answer how developed and resilient your company is. 

Together we review the company in the areas of strategy, management, processes and systems as well as 23 other business-critical areas. The tool gives you unique development opportunities for how you can increase the value and potential of your company by assessing the maturity within sales, operations, organization and finance, e.g. innovation, sustainability, digitization and risk management. We also give you answers on how dependent the company is on its owners. 

You, as a company, can get a certificate of your maturity or you can use the tool for a continuous development of your company's potential and value. 

If you would like to hear more about The SMETOOL and how you can develop your business, please contact me or IDDAS: 

Mads Middelboe, IDDAS Associate, +4529293000 

Klaus Jakobsen, IDDAS Director, +4520713215

Read more about The SMETOOL with IDDAS and Leadmore ®

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