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Møllevangen 10B, Sørup, DK-3480 Fredensborg      +45 2929 3000

High ambitions and
clear values

Vision of faster and better results

The vision of Leadmore® is to help companies solve business challenges, exploit opportunities and create fatser and better results by practicing value-adding leadership. 

Mission of sharing experience

First of all, to spread the understanding of the management and leadership disciplines  in order to obtain performance enhancing management processes, corporate culture, employee behaviour and not least leader behaviour.

Secondly, to provide practical and experience-based advice, methods and tools for implementing value-adding leadership - at eye-level with both managers and employees.

Last but not least, to share valuable learning on business model evolution and value creation.


Values 100% focused on clients

  • Client’s results first 
  • Making a difference 
  • Fast yet solid 
  • Best in class 
  • A promise is a promise
  • Always at eye-level