Getting prepared for private equity ownership


Private Equity Leadership Cookbook


Company takeovers by private equity funds bring a paradigm shift
in the management and leadership environment. The cookbook provides a guideline on establishing an effective working relationship between private equity owners, the CEO and his executive management team. Improves managements ability to handle employee reactions and maximize performance and results.


Practical experience


The cookbook can serve as preparation for upcoming private equity takeover or improvement of existing working relationships.
Relevant for both owners, board and management.  

 Topics covered e.g.:

  • Different types of private equity funds
  • Typical focus areas and exit value
  • Difference between leadership under public and private equity ownership
  • Management and employee reactions
  • Need for commercial focus and rapid change



Inspirational speech making owners, board and management aware of both opportunities and pitfalls, thus better prepared for the paradigm shift.

Could be extended with selected deep dives on value-adding leadership, Management and
Leadership Cookbooks.


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