Value-adding leadership and development

Multiple knowledge sharing and cross industry network cases

Background Purpose
    • VP knowledge sharing network groups
    • Complacent or burned out organizations
    • Overloaded organizations
    • Caught in the HQ treadmill
    • Recent or potential change from public to private equity ownership 
    • Inspiration, knowledge sharing and   sparring
    • How to reignite organisational drive
    • How to cope with HQ imposed workload
    • Getting prepared for private equity ownership and optimizing collaborative relations
    • Confrontation of comfort zones   
Solutions Results 
    • Keynote speech on "Value-adding Leadership"
    • Keynote speech on  ”How to create space for implementing Value-adding Leadership”
    • Private Equity Leadership Cookbook 
    • Roundtable moderations
    • Very active dialogues
    • High experience transfer levels
    • Very good audience evaluation

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