Leadership in private equity owned companies

Case 1

Background Purpose
    • Private equity journey with founder led service business in volume driven and volatile B2B2C tech service market
    • Fierce low price channel competition in core business
    • Increasing service complexity and challenged margins
    • Primarily blue-collar business
    • Establish a leading pan-Nordic plug & play service provider
    • Consolidate Nordic core business volume
    • Develop and launch value-added services to grow operating margins
    • Maximize equity value before exit
Solutions Results
    • Chairman of the board
    • Private Equity and Value-adding Leadership Cookbooks
    • Growth strategy and Nordic value proposition
    • Two add-on acquisitions, including fundraising roadshow
    • Executive chairman during PMI
    • Group management structure and Group CEO/management team
    • Rebranding and omnichannel presence
    • Strategic customer partherships
    • Best practice manufacturing processes
    • Nordic M&A driven market leader
    • Improved customer satisfaction and new customer acquisitions
    • Financial growth - however challenged by financial covenants
    • Financial and operational restructuring
    • Reengineered growth strategy

Case 2

Background Purpose
    • Private equity journey in highly competitive B2B tech service market
    • Financial and operational performance below industry and competitor benchmarks
    • Primarily white-collar business
    • Accelerate operational and financial performance
    • Increase market share
    • Maximize equity value before exit
Solutions Results
    • Board member with dedicated role to implement industry best practices
    • Prolonged CEO coaching
    • Private Equity and Value-adding Leaership Cookbooks
    • Interim management assigments
    • Value activity analysis
    • Sales force performance management
    • Rebranding of value propositions
    • Market share and profitability improvements
    • Successful and attractive PE exit

Multiple knowledge sharing and cross industry network cases

Background Purpose
    • VP knowledge sharing network groups
    • Recent or potential change from public to private equity ownership
    • Inspiration, knowledge sharing and   sparring
    • Getting prepared for private equity ownership and optimizing collaborative relations
    • Confrontation of comfort zones    
Solutions Results
    • Keynote speech on Private Equity Leadership Cookbook
    • Different types of private equity funds
    • Typical focus areas and exit value 
    • Leadership under public vs private equity ownership
    • Management and employee reactions
    • Roundtable moderations
    • Very active dialogues
    • High experience transfer levels
    • Very good audience evaluation

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