Mentoring and coaching

Multiple cross industry mentoring and coaching cases

Backgrounds Purpose
    • CEO:s and business line managers facing need for fast turnaround, significant growth, organizational or executive management restructure
    • New CEO:s in position - both externally and internally recruited
    • Confidential 121 sparring on both strategic and tactical management and leadership issues
    • Confrontation of comfort zones
    • Allow room for non-comittal out of the   box thinking
    • Strengthen leadership power both  upwards and downwards
Solutions Results
    • Regular 121 meetings and follow-up
    • Continuous development of personal CEO game plans
    • Concrete management and leadership proposals
    • Ad hoc deployment of relevant tools and processes
    • Value-adding Leadership Cookbook
    • Management and Leadership Cookbooks
    • Turnaround Cookbook
    • Private Equity Leadership Cookbook
    • Personal development plans
    • Business development plans
    • Organizational changes
    • Performance improvements

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Leadership in private equity owned companies

Case 1

Background Purpose
    • Private equity journey with founder led service business in volume driven and volatile B2B2C tech service market
    • Fierce low price channel competition in core business
    • Increasing service complexity and challenged margins
    • Primarily blue-collar business
    • Establish a leading pan-Nordic plug & play service provider
    • Consolidate Nordic core business volume
    • Develop and launch value-added services to grow operating margins
    • Maximize equity value before exit
Solutions Results
    • Chairman of the board
    • Private Equity and Value-adding Leadership Cookbooks
    • Growth strategy and Nordic value proposition
    • Two add-on acquisitions, including fundraising roadshow
    • Executive chairman during PMI
    • Group management structure and Group CEO/management team
    • Rebranding and omnichannel presence
    • Strategic customer partherships
    • Best practice manufacturing processes
    • Nordic M&A driven market leader
    • Improved customer satisfaction and new customer acquisitions
    • Financial growth - however challenged by financial covenants
    • Financial and operational restructuring
    • Reengineered growth strategy

Case 2

Background Purpose
    • Private equity journey in highly competitive B2B tech service market
    • Financial and operational performance below industry and competitor benchmarks
    • Primarily white-collar business
    • Accelerate operational and financial performance
    • Increase market share
    • Maximize equity value before exit
Solutions Results
    • Board member with dedicated role to implement industry best practices
    • Prolonged CEO coaching
    • Private Equity and Value-adding Leaership Cookbooks
    • Interim management assigments
    • Value activity analysis
    • Sales force performance management
    • Rebranding of value propositions
    • Market share and profitability improvements
    • Successful and attractive PE exit

Case 3

Background Purpose
    • Private equity journey with founder led manufacturing company within Nordic B2B market
    • Tough competition qua RFQ:s and overcapacity at home and abroad
    • Production oriented approach and low innovation rate
    • Limited segment focus and share of wallet with existing customers
    • Low involvement og middle management and employees
    • Consolidate no. 2 market position in DK
    • Grow export sales in SE/NO/GER
    • Ensure commercially driven sales approach by an effective product-, marketing- and supply chain organization
    • Capitalize new market trends via innovative products and service concepts
    • Maximize equity value before exit
Solutions Results
    • Chairman of the board
    • Private Equity and Value-adding Leaership Cookbooks
    • Fact-based strategy process with management team and employees
    • Organizational review and development plans
    • Executive chairman during transformation period
    • Focused growth strategy with segment-based value propositions
    • Divestment of non-core businesses and machinery
    • Establishment of active management team and frequent employee communication
    • Action plan ready for execution
    • Quick, successful and attractive PE exit

Multiple knowledge sharing and cross industry network cases

Background Purpose
    • VP knowledge sharing network groups
    • Recent or potential change from public to private equity ownership
    • Inspiration, knowledge sharing and   sparring
    • Getting prepared for private equity ownership and optimizing collaborative relations
    • Confrontation of comfort zones    
Solutions Results
    • Keynote speech on Private Equity Leadership Cookbook
    • Different types of private equity funds
    • Typical focus areas and exit value 
    • Leadership under public vs private equity ownership
    • Management and employee reactions
    • Roundtable moderations
    • Very active dialogues
    • High experience transfer levels
    • Very good audience evaluation

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Effective change and turnaround



Turnaround Cookbook


A practical case study addressing almost any issue related to turnaround management, from analysis to execution. The case describes main challenges in an extremely dynamic and competitive market and how deployment of Value-adding Leadership made it possible to achieve sustainable value growth year over year.

The weight on management vs. leadership tailored to your needs.

Main challenges covered


How to quickly turn around declining market share and profitability trend?
How to act in a matured market with significant overcapacity, long lasting consumer price war and low customer loyalty?

Main drivers covered

  • Price repositioning, customer life-time value segmentation and product innovation
  • Operational efficiency gains and continuous staff reductions
  • Outsourcing and competence development
  • Clear and consistent communication of direction, domains and demands
  • Customer and employee satisfaction



Inspired management teams and employees with an understanding of burning platform and how
the need for major and continuous change can be approached.

Could be extended with selected deep dives, strategy process facilitation or leadership training.



Many satisfied Leadmore® clients

Eqt logo  

"EQT have engaged Mads Middelboe as Senior Industry Advisor for a number of M&A projects in the Nordic countries. He has contributed with valuable strategic and hands on insights and participated in project steering committees, due diligence and management presentations. Mads provides fast continuous feedback as well action oriented executive reports."

Anders Gaarud, Director, EQT Partners AS, Norway
Morten Hummelmose, Partner, EQT Partners A/S, Denmark








"I have cooperated with Mads Middelboe for many years. I value his business understanding and leadership experience which I often draw upon in both concrete business development projects and board work. He is strong in structuring and creating overview whilst keeping strong focus on the most important actions to achieve our goals."

Ib Kunøe, Chairman of the Board, Consolidated Holdings A/S, Denmark





cdr logo p hvid.png


"Mads Middelboe is member of the board at CDRator. He is also a frequent sparring partner on our strategic development and specific challenges. He has facilitated our strategy process involving the management team. His Strategy Cookbook ensured that we covered all relevant issues, got our priorities right and created strong commitment and engagement."

Laurtis Tygesen, CEO, CDRator A/S, Denmark









"Mads Middelboe has supported a business development project, where we have benefitted from his strategic industry insight and tactical experiences on both go to market plan, organization and strategic partnerships. He is strong at pressure testing our thoughts and plans. He adds great value as he is not afraid of challenging our weak points, thus making our plans even stronger."

Peter Trans, CEO, Atea A/S, Denmark
Claus Hougesen, Group CEO, Atea ASA, Norway


Dansk Kabel TV logo nyt  

"We have used Mads Middelboe for a management seminar, where he inspired us based on his wide experiences in leading a successful business in fierce competition. He provided lots of food for thoughts on how to continuously change business models and what it takes for our managers to make it happen in real life."

Flemming Hynkemejer, CEO, Dansk Kabel TV A/S, Denmark







"We have used Mads Middelboe for a work shop on how we strategically and tactically should approach B2B sales on executive management level. He is strong in testing and challenging our hypothesizes. He quickly establishes a dialogue where he shares his experiences as CEO and thus buyer at executive management level."

Thomas Grube, Relationship Manager, SAS Institute A/S, Denmark



"We used Mads Middelboe as a key note speaker for a VIP customer work shop, where he in all aspects delivered a super performance. His preparation as well as his ability to hit the audience’s top-of-mind issues was utmost professional."

Mogens Bransholm, CEO, Conscia A/S, Denmark


evercall logo nyt  

"We have great pleasure using Mads Middelboe as sparring partner, both strategically and tactically. He has extensive experience with the telcom industry, he is a quick thinker, very structured and disciplined. He follows us gladly in our wild brainstorms on new idea’s and business concepts, but he always brings us back on  solid ground. He ensures that decisions are made, new goals are set and that agreements are made on the further process. Mads takes great care to keep us up on agreed actions. As he is also an enjoyable person, we can fully recommend Mads as a sparring partner, idea generator, whip and coach."

Søren Rasmussen, Partner, Evercall Aps, Denmark
Torben Hartvig, Partner, Evercall Aps, Denmark


Lgstrup nyt logo  

"Løgstrup Steel has benefitted a lot from our cooperation with Mads Middelboe – both as a board member and advisor. We have together developed a new strategy with clear goals and actions.
It is backed up by high management team commitment and is well integrated with our financial and operational management processes. Mads is a great source of inspiration and his experience and cookbooks ensures a good balance between both making and executing the plans."

Per Løgstrup, CEO, Løgstrup Steel A/S, Denmark





hays uden payoff


"Mads Middelboe’s experience from international companies has been a valuable support in Hays' local strategy work. His integrity and strategic approach to our tasks have been a good sparring for Hays. He quickly reads the situation and combines the helicopter perspective with all facts in very concrete action plans, so we quickly can proceed at high speed."

Søren Dahl, CEO, Hays A/S, Denmark



”Wilke is a market research company creating growth for our customers through research based advice. I have on several occasions used Mads Middelboe, who is an enormous capacity in many fields of business management and strategic B2B sales. 
At an internal seminar Mads Middelboe inspired and advised our managers and experienced consultants on how to approach strategic sales, as we want to target our client’s executive management level. I also use Mads as a personal mentor and sparring partner. His experience and many years as a successful and acknowledged top executive makes the time spent with him very valuable for me as CEO of Wilke. It gives me the possibility to discuss key critical issues and strategic perspectives with a person, who can challenge med and give me fast, constructive and competent sparring. I am convinced that my sparring with Mads helps me build an even stronger Wilke for the future.”

Brian Blomholt, CEO, Wilke A/S, Denmark


 Dansk Markedsfring   "Mads Middelboe has been a key note speaker at our yearly Marketing conference 2011 on the topic: How Marketing can speak the top executive language to obtain more strategic influence. Mads gave an exciting insight on what typically dominates a top executive's agenda and how executive management teams think and cooperate. He managed to bring his heavy experience at eye-level and inspire marketers on what is needed and how to achieve more strategic influence."

Michael Raffnsøe, CEO, Huset Markedsføring, Denmark  

"We have cooperated with Mads Middelboe on 2 projects, with 2 very different issues, and he is absolutely the best advisor we have ever engaged. He is quick at reading our minds, a strategic thinker and yet very hands on – his way of clarifying a value chain is a good example. Mads' presence in our collaboration is very high with fast feedback and follow up. If he has a relevant point, a process or a work flow that he has documented, you get it right away. His cookbooks are good examples of that. We have valued his way of managing expectations, as he continuously clarifies where we are in the process, including the budget for our cooperation. Mads is all in all a very valuable and fully fledged advisor and sparring partner."

Dennis Wraamann, Creative Director,, Denmark



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