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Board assignments

As board or advisory board member I can help bringing international know-how from large corporates at eye-level with management and employees. By striking the right balance between management and leadership I help both creating and making the good plans happen. I am burning to help SME:s creating profitable growth, for example by innovation of new products/services, business models, international growth, branding and omni-channel strategies. Focuses on customer driven use of digital technologies, and always in search of new opportunities within both supply chain and sales, with an eye for customers demanding more for less.

5 value-adding reasons to get a professional board

If your company doesn’t already have a professional board, here are 5 good reasons to do so:

  • Avoid feeling alone with the challenges at the top 
  • Help to develop the right plans and execute the plans right
  • Fast access to experience of new trends, e.g. digitization and transformation leadership
  • Help to handle large complexity and unpredictability within short deadline´
  • Get ahead with the best generational change or sale of the company

Board fees are an affordable expense to full-time employing and integrating experienced executives into your corporate culture. It can even be a valuable investment because the team's profiles can over time adapt to changing challenges. An advisory board could aslo be a good way to test the value of a professional board.

As board member I can for example contribute with 

  • Professionalizing active board work – including good corporate governance and CSR

  • Strategy development and execution at eye-level with management and employees

  • Turnarounds and profitable growth via top line and new cost structures

  • Commercial and digital experience with complex value chains

  • Negotiation and operation of international partnerships, procurement and outsourcing

  • M&A due diligence support

  • Informal team player, who can also chair the team

  • Engaged sparring partner, who can also act as the devil’s advocate

  • Strong reputation and can draw on a large professional network

Board experience backed by operational leadership

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  • B2B and B2C

  • Brands and private labels

  • FMCG – Food and Non-food

  • Telecom, IT hard-/software

  • Furniture and jewellery

  • Industrial production

  • Denmark

  • Sweden
  • Norway
  • Finland
  • Europe
  • Global export
  • Private equity funds

  • Owner led

  • Founder led

  • Family owned

  • Partnerships




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Professional board ensures strong growth in IT company


By Mikkel Buhlet, PressOffice – February 25, 2015

The IT company JO Informatik in Elsinore, Denmark, was founded by Jesper Olsen 20 years ago. Through all the years, it was a smaller company with five employees at the most. In many ways, it was similar to many other smaller Danish companies.

Three years ago, Jesper Olsen decided to establish a professional board and it has paid off: Revenue has increased 66% the over the last two years, the net result has passed the one million mark and the number of employees are the highest ever.


Annual report JO Informatik (1000 DKK)








Gross earnings




Net result




Number of employees





JO Informatik specializes in IT-systems for the public sector and has among others supplied Elsinore’s and 27 other municipalities’ digital archives for construction management, where citizens can login and follow all construction projects for all properties in the municipality.

”As a founding manager, you are often on your own and cannot cope with your big plans. With a professional board you get access to sparring on strategy, targets and how to bring it all to life”, says lawyer Henrik Hornsleth from Advodan, who is the Chairman of the board at JO Informatik.

The other board members are the experienced strategy and leadership advisor Mads Middelboe and the businessman Gorm Erich Jensen, who has many year of experience as founding manager in the IT sector himself and the company’s founder and CEO Jesper Olsen.

”An important strength of our board is our competence mix which covers both strategy, operations and organization, which means that we can provide a more complete sparring to the management of JO Informatik,” Henrik Hornsleth emphasizes.

Did not imagine it would turn out so well

When Jesper Olsen three years ago decided to establish a professional board, he had not imagined that it could turn out as well as it did:

”What counts is the experience of the board members. They provide tools and procedures, which we as a small company did not even know of. They can analyse the company back and forth, ask the critical questions, and assess our profit drivers by applying relevant budget and strategy tools. Their way of viewing my business is completely different from mine, and they are good at pointing out where we are performing well, earning our money and where to put our focus for the future. They have delivered a highly professional piece of work”, says founding manager Jesper Olsen.

An active soundboard

According to board member Gorm Erich Jensen, the founding manager Jesper Olsen had many ideas when the board was established. However, he missed somebody to discuss and challenge his ideas:

”The board could ask different questions than he was used to. We were able to push him on, for example to hire some more employees or see new markets and business opportunities. We have forced the management to continuously follow up on whether the company achieved its objectives or not, and we held them accountable for this. It has given the management more drive and made them more aware of what they have delivered, and what to deliver in the next period, which has led to much better results," says board member Erich Gorm Jensen, who is a partner in the IT company Wisepeople.it in Hørsholm.

The board has simultaneously pushed JO Informatik to utilize the possibilities of their current economy system to obtain a better continuous overview and thus a better fact base for decision-making. This both relating to the daily financial reporting and the quarterly board report.

”With a good project management system and procedures, which support the consultants time registration, it is possible to ensure a realistic overview of the progress of all the individual projects, and we can learn and adapt for future projects,” Gorm Erich Jensen explains.

He emphasizes that good board work not only requires skilled board members but also skilled managers, who are willing to listen and take part in a dialogue. He also tells, that participation in board meetings is a bit like an exam, as the board makes the management accountable for how well they have executed on the agreed strategy.

Puts pressure on management

In addition to Jesper Olsen, the management team counts Jeanett Egesø, who is responsible for sales and marketing.

”The board forces us to think more strategically and long term on our market, products and employees. Earlier we were mostly focused on daily operational tasks. Now our operating perspective is six to twelve months ahead,” says Jeanett Egesø and continues,

”The board invites to discussions, so we need to think through opportunities, for example to embark on the export market. This has recently lead to our first customer agreement abroad, where we shall deliver digital construction management archives to three Norwegian municipalities.”

”In order to achieve our growth plans we need to break with the operational thinking of a one-man-business,” she makes clear.

Professional board work kick-starts a positive development

”When recruiting your board members you need to be as thorough as when you hire employees. You need to define the competences you are currently lacking and then go finding the right profiles,” says board member Mads Middelboe, who has 30 years of business experience from telecom, fast moving consumer goods and as a strategy and leadership advisor with his own company Leadmore.

Board meetings in JO Informatik are held once a quarter. According to Mads Middelboe, this rhythm means that management now on a weekly basis monitor and analyse sales and production, they get new habits and grow leadership wise.

”JO Informatik has shifted significantly the last three years. The management has a much more structured approach, budgets are well defined and followed up, and the company learn from its failures and successes, so actions are improved for the future,” Mads Middelboe explains.

The scope of product development is no longer only current customers. Today JO Informatik works with product road maps including new technology as well as new applications of current technology to new customer segments and needs.

”Many companies are too late in realizing that their current products and services become obsolete and demand drops. This you need to spot beforehand, and you may even be able to find ways to use your old engine in new applications for both old and new customers,” Mads Middelboe points out.

An internal motivational effect is obtainable, when employees experience a clear and structured direction for the company’s development:

”Many are motivated by getting clear goals and it becomes a more fun workplace, which as an additional benefit also makes it easier for the company to attract highly skilled employees”.

“On the board, we facilitate active and value-adding leadership. The advantage for JO Informatik is that the company can afford to draw upon a very experienced and broad range of competences, which it could never afford by hiring the corresponding employee profiles,” says Mads Middelboe.


Facts on JO Informatik ApS

  • JO Informatik was founded in 1993 by Jesper Olsen.
  • Today the company has 12 employees and resides at Trækbanen 16A in Elsinore with a view to Oresund.
  • In 2014 JO Informatik achieved a net result of DKK 1.1 million based on a revenue of DKK 7.7 million, which is an all-time high result.
  • JO Informatik specializes in IT-systems for the public sector and has among others supplied digital archives for construction management to the municipality of Elsinore and 27 more, where citizens can login and follow all construction projects for all properties in the municipality.
  • Furthermore, the company develops software for digital administration, centered around public data on properties, digital archives and map solutions.


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